About Dataspex

Tomorrow’s telescope will be a “total telescope”, where the overall design integrates telescope hardware with computer hardware and software; all observations will be inspected, stored and queried very quickly for scientific analysis. The science is in the data and smarter management of the data will raise your science to the next level.

Dataspex is specialised in managing big data streams on modern hardware and in finding the right solutions for your system. We can assist you with the design, software development, implementation or improvements of such systems.

Dataspex is a spin-off company of the Netherlands research institute for mathematics and computer science (CWI).

Dr. Bart Scheers

CEO and co-founder of Dataspex. He is an astronomer whose expertise lies in the overlapping fields of computational astronomy and database technology. As a researcher he worked more than a decade on the many aspects of big data management for astronomical applications at the Univerisity of Amsterdam and CWI.

Arjen de Rijke

Network Administrator at CWI and CTO of Dataspex. Experience with both software development and operating IT infrastructure. Knowledge of server and networking hardware. Automating the operations of workstations and the datacenter, using DevOps practices.


One of the first to pioneer column store databases, MonetDB is a full RDBMS with SQL support, very well suited for analytical workloads. It is the mainstay of the current implementation of our astronomical software pipeline. On the edge of Big Data research.

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CWI is the Dutch national research institute for mathematics and computer science. Over 70 years of history in ground breaking scientific research. One way to disseminate this into society is by supporting startup companies.

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